Hidden Sanctuary The Resort

You are not likely to find a shangri-la in Bulacan, "No such place exists!" would be the answer if you ask anyone around Bulacan.. Last year, they would have been right. Hidden from the chaos of the city, this calm paradise with rough multiple-wave waters is just a 25 to 30 minute-trip from NLEX Balintawak.

Hidden Sanctuary offers resort amenities that are suited for all ages. Whether your plans include family trip, barkada trip, family events, corporate events, or pure solo relaxation, we aim to provide you the best based on your specific needs.


Twin Multiple-Wave Pools

We have the very first twin multiple-wave pools ever constructed in the entire province of Bulacan. These wave pools are articulately designed to be facing each other, closely separated by the Cayen Island Cafe. Inspired by Philippines' natural beauty, we named our wave pools "Sea of Boracay" and "Gulf of Lingayen". We want our guests to experience the cool waves of Boracay and the warm wave waters of Lingayen Gulf. These 2 wave pools have their own individual stages for concerts and live performances.

The Great Wall

After you get tired on a swimming spree with our 4 pools, walk along a 110 meter stretch of the Great Wall while overlooking the nice view of the whole resort and hotel. On your exciting trek halfway is a treehouse that serves as a rest area. Don't forget to bring your cameras, it's a perfect spot for taking pictures!

Kiddie Pool and Kiddie Slide

Let your kids enjoy our colorful, 3-foot kiddie pool (with slide) located near the Hidden Sanctuary Hotel. The kiddie pool has a separate observation/waiting area for parents and/or yayas to stay in while their kids are having their own fun time within our 80-square meter pool. It also has a separate comfort room and washing area as well as a mini-store for kiddie snacks!

Hidden Sanctuary Restaurant

Just near the cabanas, our Restaurant serves fresh, delicious Filipino dishes and delicacies daily.

Cayen Island Cafe

In the middle of our twin wave pools, you'll find our white sand island. Cayen Island Cafe offers fun activities in the sand. A group of family or friends can play at our billiard pool together while indulging on Ifugao brewed-coffee, Pangasinan dirty-ice cream or a bottle of beer, which are served during lunch time.

First Aid Clinic

Ensuring safety of guests is our primary concern. Adjacent to the Hidden Sanctuary Restaurant is an easy access to our First Aid Clinic. Inside the clinic you'll meet our friendly resort physician and nurse on duty 12-hours a day.

Mini Zoo

Just hidden behind on of our wave pools, you'll discover a variety of zoo animals in our mini zoo.

The Zip Line

An exciting, sky-thrilling adventure of 100-feet above sea level zip line will be completed and operational by the 3rd quarter of 2012.

Souvenir Shop

If you enjoy your experiences in the Hidden Sanctuary, we want you to remember it forever. Bring with you to home a piece or two of Hidden Sanctuary souvenirs.


Day Swimming Night Swimming
Adult PhP 200 PhP 250
Child (4ft. below) PhP 150 PhP 200
Senior PhP 150 PhP 200
Infant (1 year old and below) FREE ENTRANCE

To maintain safety in the resort and specially of our guests, the following items on the list are not allowed inside Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort vicinity:

  • Softdrinks, juices and alcoholic beverages (only 1 bottle of water per head is allowed)
  • Uncooked foods, not properly packed foods, and chips
  • Flammable Items like LPG
  • Sharp / Blunt / Pointed or dangerous objects (knife, cutter,scissors, etc.)
  • Firearms and other deadly weapons (kindly deposit them for safety at the guard house / office)
  • Pets
  • Intoxicated / Drunk guests are not allowed



  • White Shirt
  • Swimming Trunks / Garterized Shorts / Cycling Shorts


  • Swimsuit
  • -OR-

  • White Shirt
  • Garterized Shorts / Cycling Shorts


  • Diving into the pool is strictly prohibited
  • No throwing of stones or any objects in the pool
  • Anyone who refuses or does not heed to the lifeguard's instruction/s or warning/s shall have their swimming privileges forfeited and will be barred from using the wave pool.
  • Everyone is required to take shower before getting into the wave pool.
  • Swimming attire is compulsory. HSHR can deny anyone from using the wave pool if not in proper swimming attire as required.
  • Food and beverage is not allowed within the wave pool are or within its vicinity.
  • Persons with sore throat, cough, fever, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge are not allowed to use the wave pools.
  • No smoking within the wave pool area.


We offer different choices of accommodations in our resort for day & night swims.


Our 21 strategically-positioned cottages...

Small (8 persons) PhP 600
Medium (10 - 12 persons) PhP 800
Extra Large (20 - 40 persons) PhP 2 000



Our two multi-level cabana buildings give its occupant guests the breeze of fresh air and a nice view of the resort.

Standard (15 - 20 persons) PhP 1 200
Average (21 - 25 persons) PhP 1 500
Oversized (30 - 40 persons) PhP 2 000
Special w/ AC (10 - 12 persons) PhP 2 800
**All Cabanas have lockers, electric fan, gate lock, power outlets (good for portable TV, laptop & cellphone charging)


Table with Umbrella

Located infront of the Cayen Island Cafe, the Tables with Umbrellas (good for 3-5 persons) are good for small group of friends/families.

Table with Umbrella PhP 400






Live at the Hidden Sanctuary

September 14, 7pm

Night Swimming rate will be ONLY for Php 200/head and the first 200 guests will be given the chance to watch the free concert live at the Hidden Sanctuary Hotel's Conference Hall.