About Hidden Sanctuary Hotel & Resort

Your Imaginary Paradise on Earth

There are about 400 billion galaxies in the entire universe and each galaxy has about 100 billion stars. We'd like to share with you one of its beautiful ones-this little shangri-la.

Your imaginary paradise on earth, your shangri-la in Marilao, Bulacan-just an easy 25 to 30 minute-trip from NLEX Balintawak.

The future, you'll see it here first. An epitome of everything that characterizes a home.


The concept of stress has been, and truly banished from this little shangri-la. The interplay of nature and architectural ingenuity of its builders will show how these two dimensions were intricately woven to afford anyone a high level of comfort and relaxation throughout your stay.


Because of Hidden Sanctuary's expressive landscape on the one hand and its agile facility on the other, both engineered purposely to afford anyone's needed serenity, at its most extreme.


Now a name, soon a legend. Sometimes, two letters are barely enough to define a legend. It's simply "HS". For even a whole day's experience in Hidden Sanctuary will make you feel the spirit of legendarity. That experience will not let go of you, until you let go of it.

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